(Note: Refreshed English is used on this site.)

Hi!  My name is Justy DeForest. I’m a poet, playwright, performer, story-dance choreographer, sometime guitarist/singer, and innovative thinker (at least, I like to think so!).

Gender Identity

I am a genderfluid ren. Ren has a double-edged meaning — it can mean RENegade or simply a person. (In Mandarin Chinese, ‘ren’ is the gender-neutral word for ‘person.’) In my case, ren means both. I don’t see myself as either a wenn or a man (although male is the polar gender identity that I most identity as.) As a performer, I’ll play characters of either polar gender, but a femele character must exhibit a strong aura of femisma (femele strength and power) before I’ll consider playing her. BTW, as a playwright, I am particularly dedicated to producing powerful femele characters. (See the Hecuba monologues on the Voices from Troy Monologue Series 1 & 2 links for but one example of a femele character who exhibits the quality of femisma.)


In synthois mode, which is a synthesis of my neutrois, feminine, and masculine gender identities, my pronouns are ke/kes/kem/kemself.
I devised them based on ki, as in Reiki. In Japanese, ki is a gender-neutral term meaning “energy force.” In male mode, I use he/him.

Language Use

I use Refreshed English in my creative work, which accounts for some of the unfamiliar words and spelling you may find on this page and throughout the blog site. (For more Refresh English vocabulary, see the Glossary page of this blog site.)


I look on life as both a science and an art, and I truly believe that the science geek and the arts freak can be friends, allies, and, sometimes, one and the same person! My science self is a Secular Huminist and friend of the Ethical Culture Society in my area. My artsy self is a Peritheistic Pagan who likes to experience the natural high that comes from honoring Nature and the wonders of the Universe through participating in seasonal Wheel of the Year Celebrations with an Earth-honoring circle affiliated with a local Unitarian Universalist congregation.

Thank you for visiting Greetings from Justicea! I hope you find something on the site to capture your interest and spark your imagination. Enjoy!